Vagina bath Salt

Vagina bath Salt

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This salt bath can be used in lieu of a vaginal steam. Mugwort and chamomile are common ingredients in vaginals steams.


Mugwort Chamomile Chrysanthemum Eucalyptus Ylang Ylang Salt from the dead sea 

Each harvest of Dead Sea Salts is organic in that it is an earth product, not a lab product. Therefore, as with vitamin and antioxidant levels in natural vegetables and fruits, the mineral content of Dead Sea Salts will vary somewhat from harvest to harvest. However, all Dead Sea Salts contain an average of 30%-33% mineral content (whereas other ocean bath salts, such as Pacific or Hawaiian or Celtic, contain a mere 3% mineral content)! These minerals consist primarily of: Magnesium - which assists the body in utilizing other nutrients and in cell metabolism. Potassium - helps regulate muscle contractions and helps to balance skin moisture (100% authentic Dead Sea Products will always be very moisturizing to the skin.....salts, muds and our soap!!! You won't believe your skin!) Sodium - detoxifying. Helps expel waste and absorb nourishment. Calcium - helps build healthy bones and teeth. Also cleanses the pores of the skin. Bromides - a 50% higher concentration than other salts, bromides have a very relaxing effect. Iodine - assists in energy production (necessary for proper production of the hormone thyroxin) **To use fill the bath tub with warm water and soak for no more than 20 minutes