One Pot of Roots Healing

One Pot of Roots Healing

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Enough tea to make one pot of roots.

Dump this package into a 4 quart pot and boil for 30-45 minutes. If you would like to make it a little fancy you can add sliced lemon or pineapple skin while boiling the tea.

This tea can be consumed hot or cold and the leave are good for three pots of tea. If you would like to save the leaves, empty the pot and refrigerate the remaining leave for enjoyment the next day.

This great to make in bulk and keep a pitcher of ice tea in the refrigerator for daily consumption of the herbal benefits.

One pot of roots has been use for:

- Dinner guest or family gatherings

- Make tea in bulk for iced or hot consumption

*this Product is not intended to diagnose ,Treat or prevent disease . These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.